In this blog, we’ve rounded up 6 of the SaaS website design trends for 2024 that you should know about. Here, you’ll find some useful tips and best practices to be mindful of while diving into your very own SaaS website.

1. Minimalism

From a design perspective, minimalism has always been on trend. But in 2024, flat design will become a visual and practical choice for many SaaS companies looking to enhance the loading speed and user navigation of their websites.

Simple shapes combined with minimal colour palettes make it easier to consume any company information and services on display, so we predict that minimalism will leave its mark as a running web design trend this year.

Think minimal use of brand colour, paired with whitespace and a consistency in text hierarchy. This kind of aesthetic proves to be a lot easier on the eyes, and may just be your ticket to boosting user experience and amplifying conversion rates. Great examples of these include EvernoteIntercom and

2. Practical Use of Innovative Voice Functions

Voice-activated internet interfaces haven’t technically “gone viral” just yet, but we’re certain this approach to website communication is going to grow in popularity this year.

VUI (Voice User Interface Design) allows for contactless navigation that can fulfill customer demands in an innovative new way. Sounds like a super engaging way to get to know about a company, and we’re eager to see where this trend goes!

When considering if your SaaS website is friendly for voice commands on devices like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, keep in mind these points to creating successful VUI dialog flows:

  • Interactions should be conversational and simple
  • Create a well thought out error strategy
  • Include a prompt to confirm when a task is complete
  • Incorporate a layer of strong security

3. The Friendly Chatbot

Customer communication is crucial when it comes to conversion, and the integration of an automated chatbot in web design offers heaps of customer support services.

Whether this is a more traditional chatbot, or ChatGPT LLM infused chatbot, 2024 is the year people change how they interact with software (and websites).

With the ability to filter requests and questions, chatbots make it easier for site visitors to get answers ASAP. When done right, chatbots can provide a conversational space for you to increase conversions. And it’s precisely for this reason that we envision chatbots growing in use over the next year.

4. Animated Visuals

They say a picture says a thousand words, but what about a moving picture? If social media has proved anything, it’s that GIFs and other animated media have become a primary form of expression in the current age.

People respond really well to micro animations like GIFs and CSS, so incorporating this into the design of your website will undoubtedly strengthen and retain the engagement of site visitors.

5. Easy-to-Use Navigation

When it comes to navigation, we’re seeing that less is more. Rather than having a ton of access points available in the main menu, SaaS companies are focusing on how they want users to strategically use their websites.

The user experience is everything, so you’ll want users to easily be able to flow through your website and self-navigate without friction and frustration. That said, it’s also important to consider what could be omitted from your main menu.

Things that aren’t necessary for sales prospects or customers to see, like career pages and policies should always be kept in the footer.

Since prospects often want to know more about your product, ensure things like key product features, pricing and the ability to find out more show up first.

6. Menus as Indexes

In relation to navigation, gone are the days of a simple drop down menu. Indexes are being included directly from the main navigation with a simple hover.

Websites like Stripe feature 19+ product features from their product menu – but they’re easier to digest as they’re paired with icons and arranged in categories.

Trello also includes icons but takes things a step further by including a brief description under each item while Evernote includes pricing directly in their hover menu without the user even having to make a single click.

This is an exciting trend that puts the user experience first. We expect many SaaS websites will pick up on this in 2024.

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