timetoreply Case Study

New website and a shift to a multi-product company for timetoreply

timetoreply’s existing website was dated and a good example of a website that had been added to over time with no constraints. Layouts were inconsistent, and content written for search engines (rather than humans) was overwhelming. Additionally, a new product was being launched for a different ICP, and the new website had to promote both products, considering the more complex user journeys now needed.

Stunning new design, easy to navigate

Our first step was to propose a new website architecture, user journeys and a new navigation. Entry points were considered and whilst paid advertising for example could target a specific landing page, the homepage had to be built in a way to encapsulate the brand and both products, encouraging visitors, to very quickly go to the product for them.

Key pages were wireframed and new content was written which was more engaging, streamlined, and also created to preserve the good SEO rankings the client had.

The design was clear, modern and used stylised screenshots to bring the products to life. User testing validated this new design from ICPs.

The website was built on WordPress, with HubSpot forms and tracking code integrated into it.

Clear Call-To-Action (CTA) journeys were implemented throughout the site, guiding potential customers towards the desired actions.

A new beginning for timetoreply

The new website enabled timetoreply to launch a new product, alongside its existing product. The new design has been complimented by customers and user tests from its target market. Good SEO rankings were preserved, and improved on, despite the radical shift in content, and the website has seen a strong increase in conversion rate since going live.