ETZ Case Study

Brand and Website Revamp Driving Growth for ETZ

ETZ, a company renowned for its flagship back office product for recruitment agencies, was at a crossroads. They felt their current brand and digital presence were inadequate to meet the evolution of their business strategy. The main pain points were a dated logo and a website, a cluttered website filled with overwhelming content, and the desire to shift from a single product focus to offering a diverse suite of products.

Streamlined and Stylish: A Website Transformation Journey

In addressing the cluttered website, our team prioritised simplicity and ease of navigation, creating a streamlined and user-friendly interface. Despite the multiple products now being offered, the website design remained neat and orderly, with ample room for future expansion.

New content was created to encapsulate the brand, and each product, in clear, engaging language that resonated with the target audience.

The design adopted a modern aesthetic, drawing users in with its sleek, professional look. We leveraged stylised screenshots to create striking graphics, each designed to capture attention and communicate product functionality in an instant.

The website was built on WordPress, with HubSpot forms and tracking code integrated into it.

Clear Call-To-Action (CTA) journeys were implemented throughout the site, guiding potential customers towards the desired actions, be it signing up for a trial, downloading a brochure, or making a purchase.

Resulting in a fresh new look

This complete brand and website makeover successfully allowed ETZ to re-position itself in the market as a dynamic, multi-product company. The updated logo, representing the suite of offerings, reinforced the company’s commitment to diversity and growth. The simplified, modern website has been instrumental in converting visitors into customers, significantly enhancing user experience, and elevating overall brand perception.

Our strategic rebranding and website redesign solutions enabled the client to seamlessly transition from a single product to a multi-product entity, establishing them as versatile player in their industry. We are proud to have played a key role in their transformative journey.